5 AI Tools Currently Impacting Brand Development

5 AI Tools Currently Impacting Brand Development


With ChatGPT creating a buzz, we’ve begun to see how businesses can leverage AI. There are some additional machine-learning tools that are specifically geared toward marketers to aid in brand development. Everything from logo designs to video creation can be created using the following AI tools.


Pictory lets marketers create short branded video snippets from long-form content for sharing on social platforms. It can even turn scripts into videos. Users of this AI tool include YouTube creators, marketers, social media managers, agencies, and bloggers.


This music generator is for brands seeking background music to incorporate video content. Soundraw allows marketers to compose unique songs that match their videos’ specific branding. Users can select the mood, genre, theme, length, tempo, instruments – even the energy of the music. They can choose from 21 themes, including Ads & Trailers, Technology, and Corporate, 20 genres, and 25 moods spanning from Heavy & Ponderous to Busy & Frantic.


With a collection of ad texts and headlines, AdCreative.ai provides hundreds of variations of ad text options. Marketers can create ad copy and creatives and social media posts creatives in minutes using AI.


This AI platform creates SEO-optimized, plagiarism-free copy for blogs, ads, email marketing, and website copy. It can generate product descriptions, Instagram captions, LinkedIn posts, blog articles, and SEO content.  Writesonic is used by over 5 million brands, agencies, and freelancers.


This AI-powered marketing toolkit has 300+ branded templates that use brand logo, colors, fonts, and photos to create marketing assets that include social media profiles, social posts, business cards, email signatures, letterheads, brand guidelines, social stories, advertisements, presentations, newsletters, brochures, and websites.