It’s Nice, But Is It News?

There’s much happening in adtech, martech and insights that’s interesting, but not all of it is “news.”

Every week there are product launches, partnership announcements, client wins and deals made, but only some get covered in the trades or business press. 

How is that decided? 

It comes down to judgment of relative news value.   

While what might be of news value to one reporter, may not to another, generally what is considered to be news is something that is “a truth or reality that has not yet been identified, that matters to a significant number of people in a significant way.” 

Simply put, that means whatever your “news” is can’t have been already announced somewhere, has to be something that is really happening (not something that may happen in theory) and – most importantly – has to have a pretty big potential impact on the industry and not just among your existing clients.

So, to give your announcement the greatest news value:

  • Don’t post it on your site or content channels before reaching out to media (reporters will check).
  • Make sure to identify what it is that is actually occurring and not just put it forth as a concept.
  • Place it within the context of why and how it will impact allocation of dollars and how it signifies or is related to a larger trend of importance to the industry.

By doing so, you can transform your announcement from nice to news.