Learnings from Day 3 of Advertising Week New York 2023

A summary of insights from industry leaders on Day 3 of Advertising Week New York, Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Day 3 of Advertising Week New York 2023 brought another packed schedule of leaders sharing insights and discussing the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. Here are a few highlights we captured from Day 3:

  1. “There actually aren’t really ‘cord-cutters’ or ‘cord-nevers’, everyone is actually a ‘cord mover’.” – Nicolle Pangis
    • SESSION: Empty Rooms Can’t Buy Shit: The Advertising Battle to Re-Take the Living Room with Dallas Lawrence, Chief Strategy Officer, Telly; Ilya Pozin, Founder and CEO, Telly; Mark Douglas, President & CEO, MNTN; and Nicolle Pangis, CEO, Ampersand
    • QUOTABLE INSIGHT: We’re more connected than we’ve ever been, probably too much. Television is being watched in more than just the living room and that’s an opportunity for marketers. – Nicolle Pangis
  1. Marketing research models, even those using AI, are intended to iterate and improve.
    • SESSION: Unlocking Advertising Success: AI-Powered Creative Performance Analysis with Jed Meyer, SVP, Media Solutions Leader, Kantar and Aarti Bhaskaran, Global Head of Ad Research & Insights, Snap Inc.
    • QUOTABLE INSIGHT: Just because we work on and create a model, that’s not the end. Then there’s version 2, version 3, version 4; we keep iterating and improving.” – Aarti Bhaskaran
  1. “Success” is for men what “beauty” was (is) for women [in advertising].”
  1. “Reframe ‘bad results’ in measurement.” – Shreya Gulati
    • SESSION: The Power of Partnerships to Support Stronger Measurement with Ioanna Protogiannis, Director of Measurement & Reporting Solutions, LG Ad Solutions; Laura Manning, SVP of Measurement, Cint; Neala Brown, SVP Strategy & Insights, Teads; and Shreya Gulati, Sr Director, Measurement Partnerships, The Trade Desk
    • QUOTABLE INSIGHT: In response to the question, “If you had a magic wand and could change one thing in measurement, what would it be?”: “Reframe ‘bad results’ in measurement – it’s a learning opportunity and you’ll gain some of the best insights for your brand in that moment” – Shreya Gulati

What insights did you discover at Advertising Week New York 2023? Reach out, we’d love to hear.