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Brand Communications
Philosophy & Approach

Client programs – whether for media outreach or promotions – are predicated on first gaining a unique and in-depth understanding of the needs and interests of the audience targeted.

With this understanding, and with a parallel effort applied to understanding a client's business and business objectives, programs are developed to:

  • Highlight how a client's goods, services or brand are particularly relevant to a desired audience;
  • Demonstrate the product or corporate brand emotional and functional equity;
  • Provide a tangible demonstration of brand equity;
  • Engage the target audience with the product or corporate brand to develop an emotional investment on their part and foster an on-going relationship;
  • Outline how goods or services can play an integral role in enhancing the life and or business of the audience being communicated with.


Daddi Brand Communications is designed to provide senior level assistance and counsel on a day-to-day basis.

Client servicing is predicated on clearly defined objectives, strategies, expectations, budgets and deliverables:

  • Fully articulated client programs outlining research, rationale, objectives, strategies and implementation initiatives;
  • Defined line item budgets for approved programs;
  • Detailed time lines for completion of work;
  • Monthly status reports; weekly conference calls;
  • Criteria for success documents developed at the initiation of programs indicating deliverables and agreed-to measurements for evaluating and assessing achievement of objectives
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